3 Great Bands from Sackville, New Brunswick

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Sometimes, for mysterious reasons, a city will provide a nurturing environment that will spawn a stunning amount of quality bands that seems hard to believe if you start to think about it. For example, the mass of incredible music that came out of the tiny town of Olympia, Washington in the ‘90s. Sackville, New Brunswick is kind of like that too. Here are three bands that came out of Sackville recently that are worth taking a listen to.

Astral Gunk
Astral Gunk is a kind of supergroup of great Sackville musicians that play some freaky high-octane punky tunes that are sure to get you fired up. Live, they’re quite a sight also. They swap instruments like it’s nothing and provide a whole lot of energy.
Click here to listen to Astral Gunk

Kappa Chow
Kappa Chow seem to be defunct now, which is sad, but their albums are totally worth listening to as they play kind of goofy, wailing punk songs that are oddly melodic and catchy at the same time. You’ll find yourself bopping along, is what I’m saying. 
Click here to listen to Kappa Chow

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Partner say their music discusses the “existential predicament of being a lesbian barista in the year 2016” and their music is warm and laid back and will make you feel good in a slightly disconcerted way.
Click here to listen to Partner

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