Where to Have Your Bachelor Party in Halifax

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First of all, congratulations! Your best bro chose you to plan the best bachelor party possible. So we already know you can throw a sweet party. But maybe a stag feels a little out of your element? Don't worry, I've broken it down into three parts, so you'll be sure to hit every mark of a memorable day.

1. A Challenge

Paintball @ HyperSportz- 41 Etter rd

I know you've been dreaming about this since you were pre-pubescent. It's like your favourite first person shooter game but...real. Battle against the crew to see who truly has the most stealth and the best aim. And don't let the groom win! Just because it's his party doesn't mean you can't win the prize. Check out the HyperSportz site to book your party!

2. A Race

Go Karting @ Kartbahn- 66 Otter Lake Ct

Probably been a while since you last went go-karting, right? Well it hasn't gotten any less fun. The track at Kartbahn has some super tight curves, so your driving skills will be put to the ultimate test. Buckle up!

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3. A Show

Ralph's Place- 132 Main st

You knew how this was going to end. You've had your fun, engaged in some friendly competition, and now it's time to really drive the night home. What kind of stag would it be without doing something a little reckless? Hit up Ralph's for some drinks, some food, and maybe some...visuals.

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