5 Halifax Food Trucks You Need to Try this Summer

Who doesn’t love a good old food truck?


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People of Halifax, summer is coming; I promise. During our cold Canadian winters, those warm summer months can feel like a blurry dream we all want to fall back into. Luckily, we’ve almost made it out the other end and summer is just around the corner. There’s nothing like sitting under the sun, breathing in the ocean air, and enjoying some local food and beverage that may not be the healthiest but is definitely the tastiest.

One of my favourite things about summer is enjoying delicious and unique meals purchased from our local food trucks. We’re pretty lucky in the way that Halifax has some outstanding food trucks with a wide range of dishes to take advantage of when we’ve all let go of the myth that we’ll be maintaining any sort of beach body. So, to get you all drooling over meals you’ll be eating in the future, here’s a round-up of Halifax’s best food trucks that you’ll want to keep in mind this summer! 

Tin Pan Alley
Here you will find an outstanding combination of Dutch fires and creative classics from around the world. Time Pan Alley serves up mouth-watering, crunchy fries covered in a number of different incidents to suit your fancy. Personally, I believe their Butter Chicken Fries to be the best on the menu, and maybe the best on any menu because they’re just that good. They have a wonderful team of energetic staff, a menu you just can’t go wrong with, unique flavours you’ll be drooling over all winter.

Nomad Gourmet
Burgers, Sandwiches, Sliders, Burritos, Tacos, and more. Yep, this menu is seriously stacked and you should probably be taking advantage of it as soon as possible! You can find this awesome food truck catering events or just cruising around selling hungry people some next-level eats. Their entire menu is made up of comfort food you’ll want to experience again and again. Head to their website to track them down, and go fill up on some of the summer’s best meals.
Credit: Nomad Gourmet

Ol’School Donuts
Ol’ School Donuts is a sweet old school bus that serves mouth-watering old fashioned donuts that are a treat for your tastebuds and some serious taste nostalgia. The have flavours live Carmel Skor, Frosted Coconut, Oreo, and a whole lot more. In fact, some of their goodies even include bacon (yes you heard me correctly, bacon!). Get in line for some of the best treats Halifax has to offer.
Credit: Ol’School Donuts

My Three Cousins
The great thing about this incredible food truck is that it’s never hard to find! My Three Cousins remains parked at 6230 Coburg Road all summer so the people of Halifax can enjoy their delicious snacks and fast food. The serve up Lebanese and greek dishes such as souvlaki, falafel, and mouth-watering greek fries. Nothing the server cost over $6 and the portions are huge. You’re going to love it here!
Credit: The Coast 

The Food Wolf
The Food Wolf serves up fresh comfort food with a southeast Asian inspiration and locally sourced ingredients. All of their plates are made-to-order so you know you’re getting the freshest dish possible. The Food Wolf was voted the best Halifax food truck in 2014, and you’ll see exactly why as soon as you taste their food. The menu is updated from week to week, and trust me, it will never disappoint. Enjoy!
Credit: The Food Wolf


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