East Coast Lifestyle: The Brand All East Coasters Should Be Repping

We LOVE These Clothes, and You Will Too


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In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than hometown pride. Loving where your from or where you live is one of the best feelings. That said, we might as well rep the best coast (East, obviously) to the best of our abilities!
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In 2013, Alex MacLean launched East Coast Lifestyle for an Entrepreneurship class project and since then it has grown into an incredible clothing brand that you should most definitely know about; In fact, you’ll see celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Sidney Crosby sporting this brand. The brand is simply about being proud of where you’re from, and any brand to come from a place as wholesome and wonderful as that has got to be pretty amazing, right? Well, people seem to agree with me because East Coast Lifestyle has received countless awards, for example: 2016 Start Up Canada Hugh Growth Award, 2016 Downtown Halifax “Rookie of The Year,” 2016 AMA’s Marketer on the Rise, and SO many more.

Credit: East Coast Lifestyle 

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: the clothes! Lately casual/sport wear has become the bees knees in terms of trend, and I could not be glad that comfort is finally in. East Coast Lifestyle is totally on point in terms of the latest trends. The lineup includes t-shirts, sweat pants, hoodies, tanks, baseball tees, jerseys, raincoats, shorts, baby onesies, and so much more. The clothing feels like PJs but looks like the latest and greatest street fashion. You are going to LOVE the duds, I know I do. 
Credit: East Coast Lifestyle



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