5 Halifax Tattoo Artists You Need to Add to Your Collection

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Something you may notice about Halifax is that there is a whole lot of really awesome ink. I don’t know about you, but admiring other people’s tattoos really makes me want a few more of my own. If you’re not the impulsive type, or you don’t have access to a tattoo gun of your own, getting a new tattoo can be quite the process. You’ve got to pick the design, the placement, and, most importantly, the artist. Just as Hali is filled with great ink, it’s also filled with great tattoo artists. Like I said, picking can be though, so I’ve taken the liberty of making it a little easier. These 5 local tattoo artists definitely deserve a place on your personal canvas. Check it out:

Chanuen Flint: Divergence Tattoos
This multi award winning artist has been in the scene for 11 years now and is the master of tattooed portraiture. It’s tough to believe some of his work aren’t photographs, they’re just that good. Weather you want to pay tribute to a loved one, favourite celebrity, or beloved fur baby, this is your guy.

Eldrick Murphy: SIN ON SKIN Tattoo Studio
Eldrick’s constantly evolving work is positively stunning, and certainly something I would want on my body for a lifetime. From bold lines to intricate shading, his work will truly blow you away. For me, there’s nothing more inspiring than an artist like this who is truly committed to their craft, always growing and adapting to any design thrown their way.

Credit: Sin on Skin

Keegan Lam: HFX Tattoo Co.
This Halifax native has been tattooing since ’06 and is known for his colour work predominantly. This being said, he is an very well rounded artist who won second place for best Tribal/Polynesian/Geometric tattoo at the 2014 Maritime Tattoo Festival. You will love the thoughtful, unique ink Keegan creates.
Credit: HFX Tattoo Co.

Merle Rose: Classy Tattoo Company
Merle Rose is one of the outstanding artists that can be found at Classy Tattoo Company in Halifax. Merle’s realistic artistry can capture any mood or theme and fit it’s owner more perfectly than you can imagine. From colourful and cartoon like to black and white realism, you have got to see this portfolio!

Credit: Classy Tattoo Company

Lacey Cormier: Divergence Tattoos
Another one of Divergent’s finest, Lacey Cormier began her career by accident. She intended to get one of her personal designs tattooed on her, but was offered a tattoo apprenticeship on the spot. She mixes illustrative artwork with realistic colour for her stunning designs. She’s an incredibly versatile artist that can make anyone’s vision come to live. Trust me, she’s a good choice for your next work! 
Credit: Divergence Tattoos




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