10 of the Wildest Photos from Newfoundland’s April Blizzard

April “showers” bring, well… snowploughs


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This winter has been rough for everyone. In Toronto, they received 81 cm of snow this winter. In Gander, they've received 97 cm since Thursday. Yes, this winter has truly been rough on everyone. 

The blizzard that’s rolled through the maritimes over the past few days proves what we all knew already: maritimers know how to endure the winter, and of all Canadians really, truly earn their rights to summer- as if the seasons were a points-based system. 

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous; unbelievable, shocking and even beautiful photos from Newfoundland’s April blizzard.

S/O to all the pet-owners who still have to walk their dogs in this!

Cred: @Willcocksonwillie

All this photo from Bonavista is missing is a little Titanic-style ship crashing in the waves. Anyone good at Photoshop?

Cred: @mixolydian74

For real though? It feels like we’re on Punk’d at this point. Ashton- are you there?

Cred: @sailordannys_art

Ah yes, the "beach"...

Cred: @Skipmonday758

Honestly, this photo of the Bell Island Ferry is 10000% relatable. You can do it, buddy (and even if you can’t- I don’t blame you)!

Cred: @Deirdreayre

An iceberg just ~chilling~ in Portugal Cove. GET IT???? … We’ve gotta laugh about it or else we’ll be crying about it. 

Cred: @Cmykesek

Gander has spoken.

Cred: @Courtneeypatricia

Stay strong, friends!

Cred: @Shrodeoutdoors

To be fair, it does make for a great photo op.

Cred: @Lesleyerica4

Although you might need a bigger shovel...

Cred: @makeup_obsessed_nurse


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